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21 Apr, 2019

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Miércoles, 06 Julio 2011

Photron launches FASTCAM IS-1M

Cámaras de alta velocidad Photron, Super User, Cámaras de alta resolución Óptica


Ultra-High Speed Camera System

FASTCAM IS-1MPhotron will be launching the Fastcam IS-1M at the forthcoming Photonics West meeting in San Francisco's Moscone Hall, January 24th through 26th.

The IS-1M utilizes a revolutionary ISIS-CCD to capture a blistering one million frames per second (fps) at full resolution of 316 by 260 pixels wide. ISIS-CCD (In-Situ Image Storage-CCD), better known as IS-CCD, uses an image storage buffer immediately beside the light sensitive portion of the 10-bit pixel to greatly increase the speed achievable by conventional high speed cameras.

Extremely light sensitive, Fastcam IS-1M captures a wide range of high speed events, even in low light conditions, while the 100 frame image buffer provides adequate synchronous record duration for the majority of ultra high speed phenomena such as ink jet droplet measurement, micro PIV, combustion, crack propagation or blast dynamics.

Please stop by booth 2013 to see the Fastcam IS-1M and talk to our knowledgeable staff there.